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Three Years of Yarn Twisters

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  • By Michelle H.
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Three Years of Yarn Twisters

Top three things I have learned the past three years with Yarn Twisters

First of all, I cannot believe it has been three years of Yarn Twisters! It has been an amazing three years with many ups and downs (I am talking about you Covid) but we could not have done any it without all our awesome customers.  We have grown a little each year.  Some of the growth has been our personal confidence and some has been tangible.

Below are just a few of the things I have learned:

1.  Community -   I cannot say it enough.  The knitting community is strong.  We have made some genuine friendships through the store which is why I honestly hate using the word customer.   Every one that walks through our doors is more than just a customer.  You have become our friends.  You are the reason we love opening our doors each day and we look forward to seeing each of your faces.  The support we feel from you guys is beyond anything we could have ever imagined and we are forever grateful for the relationships we have built.

2.  Knitting -  I would have considered myself a beginner knitter when we opened three years ago but from my ongoing experience I want to move myself up to, drum roll please,  Intermediate.  I still have so much to learn but that is the whole point to me. A lot of my knitting growth can be attributed to just doing it and getting better with time and a lot of is from learning from all of you.

3.    Fibre -  If ever I have felt imposter syndrome it has been due to my lack of knowledge and experience with different fibres.  There have definitely been times early on that I was in the store with a customer when asked a question about different yarns and oh have I ever been so lucky to have another customer speak up and help me out.  Shout out to all of you for having my back when I am constantly learning. 

Well that's it for now and only because I was doing three for three years get it but honestly I could go on and on.  This experience has been such an adventure but I will save more for a future post.  Until next time take care and keep on knitting.


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